New York City SC is an independent group of New York City FC’s most passionate supporters. Founded by Los Templados 12, NYC Hooligans, and many unaffiliated fans, we have since grown to include the Rotten Apples, English Blues, and Minervas within our ranks.

Our member base, as well as our philosophy, reflect the great city we call home. We are comprised of many diverse nationalities and cultures, united by an unconditional love for our sport and our city. Combining the barra brava style of South American support and the various football cultures found throughout Europe, New York City SC offers a unique experience that can only be found in MLS.

We intend to grow not only the fan base and atmosphere of New York City FC, but also the sport itself on all levels in our local community. Representing New York City as well as NYCFC, we look to constantly give back to the communities that have given us so much. Our commitment to the greatness of this city and this club goes beyond 90 minutes once a week. It extends into a culture and a mindset that manifests itself in every aspect of our lives.