Templados #12 is an “hinchada”, otherwise known as a supporter’s group, Influenced by Latin America and born in New York. The hinchada was founded on March 27, 2015 in the apartment of co-founder Jorge Bermudez, accompanied by Nelson Caicedo, Cesar Fernandez, Cesar Riera, Pedro Gomez, Jonathan Salas, Gabriel Zanetti, Nick Scicolone, and Rodolfo Cueva. The name Templados, which translates into the brave, was chosen; and #12 for being the twelfth man on the field through the support given.
The premise of the group was to start a Latin American supporting culture that was inclusive to all New Yorkers, regardless of background, by introducing a culture of passionate-carnival styled support that manifests through the rythms and songs of a “murga” or a carnival style band that originates from Argentina, but now penetrates the footballing culture of all South America. Drums and horns have been added throughout the years, as songs have been made in both Spanish and English. Templados #12 debuted their drums for the first time in an away trip to Philadelphia.
The goal is to vocally and visually support NYCFC with song, beats, flags, and trapos (tifos) both inside and outside of the stadium. Members are selectively chosen from those that sing for 90+ minutes in the bleachers, and support the team and each other through the good and especially the bad times. We demand that NYCFC players put equal effort on the field as we do in the stands. Templados #12 have traveled to every participating MLS city, and even to Ecuador. Their primary focus is to improve the music, and the quality of support overall. Siempre presentes.